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Why You Should Keep A Well-Maintained Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinklers are pretty standard in most homes and businesses. It’s important to make sure that these sprinklers work properly in case there ever is a fire. Fortunately, fire sprinkler maintenance is fairly easy, considering it could save your life one day.


Top reasons to keep a well-maintained fire sprinkler.


Schedule Regular Maintenance

According to fire regulations, you should have your fire sprinklers inspected and serviced per NFPA 25.


There are also ways you can maintain your sprinklers in excellent shape throughout the year. Never, paint, hang or stack anything on your sprinkler heads. You should make sure to report any damage to your sprinkler immediately to your fire inspection company.


Benefits of Regular Maintenance

There is a myriad of benefits to keeping a well-maintained fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinklers are used to protect your property. More than just protecting your property from being destroyed, fire sprinklers have insurance benefits as well. Your insurance company might have incentives such as insurance rebates if your building has a fire sprinkler installed. The most important aspect of a fire sprinkler system is that it saves lives.


There is no better benefit from a fire sprinkler than peace of mind. Many business owners already have a multitude of things running through their heads, so investing in a fire sprinkler system frees them from the pressure of worrying whether or not their fire sprinkler is going to work in an emergency situation.


Business owners are also protected from liability when they regularly maintain their fire sprinkler system. It turns out, that even if the law does not mandate that your building or office have a fire sprinkler system, you may still be held liable in court if ever a fire did occur and the sprinkler system malfunctioned. The loss to businesses is tremendous economically, making it extremely difficult for a company to recover from such a debilitating financial loss.

Maintain Your Fire Sprinkler System With Anderson Fire Protection Inc.

No matter what your needs are, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is here to design and install a fire protection system that will work for your residential or commercial space. With more than 26 years of experience, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is able to offer you experience and reliable customer support. For more information on working with Anderson Fire Protection Inc., call us today at 410-796-4915 or click here for more information. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn!

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