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Why A One Size Sprinkler System Does Not Fit All


Choosing the perfect sprinkler system for your needs just got a whole lot easier.

Every company and business have a design that needs to specifically fit their use. As a result, their sprinkler systems need to be made and designed to complement the design. As you can imagine, providing a tailored approach towards a sprinkler system for your business is necessary to ensure your safety and the safety of all your employees.

It’s All About The Water Systems

Fire sprinkler systems rely on the water supply to operate effectively. In fact, the water pressure that we receive from a water fountain in our office is the exact same water pressure that feeds the office’s fire sprinkler system. As a result, fire sprinkler system designers need to rely on a variety of information in order to construct and design the most optimal fire sprinkler system for your specific business.

The Best Time To Design A Fire Sprinkler System

When a building is brand new you can more easily incorporate new systems like a new fire sprinkler system. Designed specifically for the type of business you are in, understanding the size of pipes and sprinklers that will provide the most effective safety measures from a fire emergency is essential in any fire sprinkler design. Consider having an insurance or fire inspector take a look at the fire sprinkler system design before you fully begin daily business at the office.

The Never-Ending Perks Of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Installing automatic fire sprinkler systems can make a huge difference in a fire emergency situation. In fact, these systems supply a heavy amount of water directly onto the fire which makes it harder for the fire to spread and cause severe damage to your business. Typically, sprinklers are activated by any heat that comes from a fire. As a fire begins to grow, more and more fire sprinklers become activated to suppress the fire by distributing water as necessary.

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No matter what your needs are, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is here to design and install a fire protection system that will work for your residential or commercial space. With more than 26 years of experience, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is able to offer you experience and reliable customer support. For more information on working with Anderson Fire Protection Inc., call us today at 410-796-4915 or click here for more information.

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