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4 Reasons Why A Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspection Is Important

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Get the most out of your fire sprinkler system.

A business is only as good as it’s safety. Typically, your business’s fire sprinkler system lies inactive until it becomes the focal point during a fire emergency. However, if by chance the fire sprinklers fail during such a critical time, it could be life-threatening. By maintaining a regular fire sprinkler inspection you can protect your employees and your business from disaster.

The Law Says So

Under NFPA, businesses are required to have regular inspections of their fire sprinkler systems. Furthermore, NFPA 25 outlines the standard for inspecting and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. If not followed, there could be serious fines incurred which can deplete your business profits.

Water Supply

The capacity of a fire sprinkler system within your business is a great asset. Not just because it can be a life-saver but also because of the increase in water supply. A fire sprinkler system is only as good as the amount of water it has access to. This means that having a business with a direct water supply ensures that your fire sprinkler system is working at an optimal level. Having a properly functioning fire sprinkler system ensures that your business is protected in a fire emergency.

Flowing Actions

A crucial aspect of a fire sprinkler system is establishing the proper pressure and flow of the water supply. This means that for the protection of your property it is imperative that you continuously maintain and inspect that water is flowing properly to your fire sprinkler system. As we all know, without the correct water flow, a fire sprinkler system may not be triggered to work properly resulting in devastating consequences.

Follow The Code

NFPA has outlined the specifics regarding the standards for inspections, testing, and maintenance of commercial fire sprinkler systems.

Inspect Your Fire Sprinkler System Malfunctions with Anderson Fire Protection Inc.

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