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Choosing the Right Fire Alarm

A fire alarm system is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your business, employees, and customers. So whether you are ready to replace your current fire alarm or need to purchase a new one, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. can help. But you may be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a few different ones for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the different fire alarms you can choose from for your commercial space.

Automatic versus Manual Fire Alarms

The first type of fire alarms from you to choose from are the automatic and manual fire alarms. Automatic fire alarms are used to detect heat and smoke. Once it senses these two elements, it triggers an audio-visual device to alert the occupants of the build that there is a fire. Unlike the automatic alarms, manual fire alarms have a manual pull station that must be operated by a person. These pull stations come in a variety of designs and colors for cosmetic variety while providing the same basic functionality.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarm systems include a number of different “zones.” These zones are hardwired to a centrally located control panel. These systems are the perfect fire alarm for small buildings with a limited number of devices.

Addressable Fire Alarms

Addressable fire alarms, also called “intelligent systems,” are used in a variety of buildings but are most commonly found in larger buildings with multiple fire alarms. Addressable alarms are more expensive than other fire alarms because of their convenience. These alarms allow every alarm in your building to have its own address, which makes it easier to see if a device is working or failing.

Hybrid Fire Alarms

Hybrid fire alarms combine the hardwired zone set up of addressable alarms with the single panel system of a conventional alarm. This combination makes these fire alarms the perfect mix.

Fire alarms are an essential pieces of fire protection systems in your business. For more information on choosing your fire alarms, call Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. today!

Choosing Your Fire Alarms with Anderson Fire Protection Inc.

No matter what your needs are, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is here to design and install a fire protection system that will work for your residential or commercial space. With more than 26 years of experience, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is able to offer you experience and reliable customer support. For more information on working with Anderson Fire Protection Inc., call us today at 410-796-4915 or click here for more information.

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