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Four Signs You Should Update Your Fire Protection

Fire protection system

When was the last time your fire protection system was updated?

If it has been a while since your commercial fire protection system was installed, it may be time for an update. Just like the other systems in your commercial space, your fire protection systems may need to be updated or replaced after a few years of faithful service. So how do you know when it is time to update your fire protection systems? Read on to find out.

Overall Age of the System

When was your fire protection system was replaced? Was it installed when the building was first built or has it been updated since then? The fire protection industry has made a lot of great strides over the past few years in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. So if it has been a while since your system was upgraded, your system may not be as effective as it could be. If you have not checked your fire extinguishers once per year, then it is definitely time for an upgrade. Your fire extinguisher should be inspected once a year to ensure it is properly maintained. But sure to check your fire extinguisher tags for their last inspection date.

Seeing Too Much of Your Service Provider

How often have you had to call Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. to help with your system? Are these calls becoming more of a routine? Have you had to call us for a malfunctioning system? While it is always good to have your system serviced and inspected, if you are seeing your service provider more often, it might be time for an update. A malfunctioning system can leave your business susceptible to danger. If your system is failing or if you are tired of paying higher than normal rates, then it is time for a system update.

Changes in Your Facility

Have you made any changes lately that would affect your local fire codes? This could be something as small as moving files to a different part of your building or something as big as tearing down walls to make a bigger room. These changes could mean you need additional fire protection such as additional fire extinguishers, more alarms, and even some new fire sprinkler heads.

If your commercial fire protection system is out of date or if your facility has changed, it is time for an update. For more information on upgrading your fire protection systems, call Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. today!

Updating Your Fire Protection with Anderson Fire Protection Inc.

No matter what your needs are, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is here to design and install a fire protection system that will work for your residential or commercial space. With more than 26 years of experience, Anderson Fire Protection, Inc. is able to offer you experience and reliable customer support. For more information on working with Anderson Fire Protection Inc., call us today at 410-796-4915 or click here for more information.

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