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Company Barbecue And Crab Feast

We had a great time at our barbecue and crab feast!

This summer was especially busy since we had seven schools to complete within a three-month timeframe.  We call this our summer blitz. It seems fitting that after getting through our summer blitz we would have a company barbecue and crab feast.

The entire company enjoyed spending time together and just relaxing after a job well done.  I would like to personally thank all of our AFP Family for working so hard and getting the schools done within their timeframes.  Dave and I appreciate everyone’s efforts.

Getting Together

Being together is something that is important, especially in a work environment. Feeling like family with co-workers boosts morale and has a significant impact on the entire office setting. In fact, when you actually enjoy the people you spend most of your time with- your co-workers, then work no longer feels like work and it becomes so much more enjoyable.

Pride And Community

When there’s a chance to get together and take stock of all the accomplishments within a team, it really is a great thing to do. Every once in a while, taking note of all the accomplishments you’ve done in the past week, month or year can bring significant rewards. In fact, there is really nothing better than taking the time to reflect on your accomplishments. But, it’s not just your personal accomplishments that deserve self-reflection. Many goals are completed with the help of teammates. And as such, need the same recognition you give to yourself. When people get together for a much larger and important purpose, there is no stopping what the world can do. Helping to make your community a better place is the first step towards really making a change in this world!

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