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Ways You Can Help Prevent False Fire Alarms

Ways You Can Help Prevent False Fire Alarms

Here are ways you can prevent the appearance of false fire alarms.

A fire alarm system is a vital component of anyone’s building. These fire alarm systems are used to make sure people are notified of arising fire emergencies, allowing for quicker response times that can help save people’s lives, and possibly minimize building damage as well. Now, while you do want to be notified of fire emergencies, you do NOT want to be falsely notified of these emergencies. Unfortunately, false fire alarms can pop up at times. It’s best to prevent these false alarms when possible, but what preventative measures can you take? Here are ways you can prevent the appearance of false fire alarms.

Keep Your Fire Alarm System Maintained

You need to stay on top of maintenance tasks for your fire alarm system. Not only does this help you ensure that your alarm system works when needed, but it also minimizes false fire alarms. As a recommendation, you’ll want to check on your fire alarm system roughly two times per year.

Adapt Your Fire Alarm System

Sometimes, there are factors that can increase the likelihood of false fire alarms. It could be that you haven’t inspected your alarm system recently. You might not have the most suitable type of alarm for your situation. Perhaps your fire alarms aren’t in the proper locations. Addressing points such as these should help to lower your chances of false fire alarms happening.

Prevent Accidental Triggering of Your Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems have manual pull stations that people can use if they need to notify others of a fire. While these stations can be helpful, they can also be misused. Be sure that you clearly label any manual pull stations that you have. You may even want to put plastic covers on them, just to ensure that they aren’t pulled for the wrong reasons.


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