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4 Ways You Can Prevent a Fire from Damaging Your Restaurant


Ensure that your business is protected from fire damage with these simple tips.

Restaurants tend to have a significantly higher risk of fire than any other commercial building. In fact, the combination of hot temperatures, flammable cooking oils, and just the utter hectic nature of a restaurant kitchen can all lead to a disastrous grease fire. As a result, having the proper fire safety equipment in place and proper fire evacuation plans set can provide your business just what it needs to overcome a grease fire without any major destruction. Here are the top tips you need to know to ensure that your business is protected if a fire breaks out.

Proper Equipment

Fire suppression systems are extremely necessary for any commercial business, but particularly for a restaurant. In fact, cooking equipment starts more than sixty percent of restaurant fires. As a result, that is often why a commercial kitchen demands an automatic fire suppression system. It’s these types of fire suppression systems that use foam extinguishing agents to starve a fire of oxygen, putting out all the flames rather quickly without leaving any sticky, wet or particle residue behind.

Proper Ventilation For Kitchen Hoods

Commercial kitchens require a tremendous exhaust system to vent the cooking fumes and heat outside. In fact, it’s important to never forget that grease particles can end up building up in the hood itself over time, therefore you need to have a routine cleaning plan in place so that all that grease doesn’t end up causing a fire in your restaurant.

Fire Sprinklers are Important

The remainder of your restaurant requires proper fire protection as well. In fact, fire sprinklers in the dining area work to extinguish any potential fires that start or spread there.

Emergency Lighting is Essential

It is possible for a fire or other emergency to ultimately cause a power outage in your restaurant. In fact, this can end up leaving your patrons in the dark. That is why having emergency lighting in the dining area can allow everyone the opportunity to evacuate safely without injury.

Practice Fire Safety with Anderson Fire Protection

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