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How to Prepare Your Employees for a Fire Emergency


Emergencies happen, and it is imperative that everyone know what to do in the event of an office fire.

There is no employee that expects a rampant fire to break out in their office. However, these emergency situations do happen. And it is imperative that everyone know what to do in these kinds of situations. Here are some of the best ways to get your office ready for a fire emergency.

Create an Emergency Action Plan

Creating an emergency action plan is a great way to prepare for an unexpected disaster- like a fire. In fact, creating a tailor made plan that outlines the specifics about where people should go and how to use certain things like a fire extinguisher can really be beneficial. For instance, diagram the escape route for all employees. You can easily do this by highlighting the primary and the secondary exits, all the accessible routes for those with disabilities, and exterior assembly areas.

Train All Employees in Fire Safety and Prevention Tactics

Being prepared is one thing, but having all the right training is another. Teaching your team to follow proper safety measures is essential for keeping things safe when a fire breaks out. First of all, keep up with all the maintenance, think about things like cleaning a commercial kitchens exhaust hood and other flammable things. Another thing is to store all flammable items like paper products, linens, and boxes away from all the heat sources and cooking surfaces in a commercial kitchen. Lastly, ensure ample ventilation in commercial kitchens when using cleaning products and other chemicals around areas with heat sources.

Training Employees to Respond to a Fire Emergency

An educated team is the best line of defense when it comes to a fire emergency. That is why providing your employees with fire safety training that includes training on properly using a fire extinguisher and proper shutdown procedures can be vital for any business.

Practice Fire Safety with Anderson Fire Protection

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