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When You May Need a Fire Alarm Inspection

When You May Need a Fire Alarm Inspection

Here are signs that a fire alarm inspection may be needed.

In a typical year, you can expect over a million fires to get reported throughout the United States. A fire emergency can be devastating, as it can cause large damage to your property, and even put people’s wellbeings in danger. One way to promote fire safety in your building is to ensure that your fire alarms are working. That way, you’ll be notified whenever a fire arises, allowing you to take appropriate action more swiftly. To keep your fire alarms in good shape, you want to get regular inspections done for them, but how will you know when an inspection is needed? Here are signs that a fire alarm inspection may be needed.

You Haven’t Done a Fire Alarm Inspection Lately

You’ll want to inspect and test your fire alarms roughly every month to make sure they’re functioning properly. For this reason, you should keep a calendar that tracks when you perform inspections so that you’ll always know when you’re due to perform another one. When you get a fire alarm inspection done, you should notify your employees ahead of time. That way, you won’t take them by surprise when the loud alarms go off. It also helps to perform these inspections at the same time of week.

Your Fire Alarms Aren’t Being Responsive

A fire alarm won’t be any use to you if it doesn’t respond during emergencies. That’s why you should test your fire alarms by seeing if they trigger when exposed to the right stimulus. While you should refrain from creating actual fires in order to get the smoke you need to test your alarms, you can simulate the presence of smoke by using an aerosol can. This is a much safer approach, and it will let you know if your fire alarms would activate during a real emergency.


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