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Everything You Wanted To Know About Historic Building Fires

historic building fires

We can learn a lot from historic building fires.

Fires are a basic problem for many historic buildings. Fires continue to eradicate the cultural heritage of many cities across the globe. Either from the effects on local communities or on a broader global scale, historic building fires trigger the importance of protecting all our historic structures from being demolished in a fire.

By learning from past historic building fires, we can begin to see the common reasons that historic buildings catch fire and how to alleviate such disasters from happening again.

Ignition Sources

A variety of ignition sources is usually found in historic building fires. These can include improper electrical wiring, lighting, temporary wiring, high-temperature lighting systems, space heaters, or cooking equipment.

Combustible Materials

Historic buildings are known for their wood construction. Some historic buildings even have wood furnishings which can easily be set ablaze. All this wood material can give rise to massive fires that destroy structures.

Fire Detection

Most fires that occur in historic buildings arise from a lack of any fire detection systems. Without the proper notifications to expedite the potential to save the structure, historic buildings are almost always severely destroyed after a fire. In the rare instance that a  historic building has an antiquated fire alarm system, the quality is often so poor that it can no longer function adequately.


It’s critical to alert the fire department of a historic building fire as soon as possible. However, alerting the occupants of is also critical. When there aren’t any properly working fire alarms in place to help protect individuals who are in a historic building, not only can the structure itself suffer damages from a fire, but human lives may be lost as well.

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