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How To Find The Perfect Fire Extinguisher For Your Business

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Choosing the perfect fire extinguisher is easier than you think!

With a variety of fire extinguishers to choose from, it can become difficult to know which type of fire extinguisher is best for your office’s needs. In fact, understanding the different fire extinguisher options can help you determine the proper fire extinguisher for your specific needs. Here is a quick overview of the different fire extinguishers available.

Water Fire Extinguisher

Understandably, these are some of the more common fire extinguishers on the market. In fact, they work with water to extinguish a fire and get rid of the heating element quickly and efficiently. However, it is crucial to understand that water fire extinguisher can only be used for Class A fires.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Especially relevant, a CO2 fire extinguisher is typically used to eliminate the oxygen element in a fire. In fact, they have the ability to remove the heat with a cold discharge. Therefore, these extinguishers are best used in either Class B or Class C fires.

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Most noteworthy, these types of fire extinguishers work to eliminate the fire by disrupting the heat triangle. In fact, disturbing the heat triangle is the only way to properly extinguish a fire. In addition, dry chemical fire extinguishers are best used for Class A, B, and C fires.

The Different Classes Of Fire Extinguishers


  • Class A: These extinguishers are commonly used for fires involving regular combustibles. These include wood, paper, and plastics.
  • Class B: These extinguishers are typically used for fires involving liquid combustibles. These can include things like grease, gasoline, and oil.
  • Class C: These extinguishers are used for fires that involve some sort of electrical equipment. These include things like motors, transformers, and appliances.
  • Class D: These extinguishers are used for fires that include combustible metals. These can involve things like potassium, magnesium, and aluminum.
  • Class K: These extinguishers typically involve fires that include cooking oils or grease.


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