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Fire Extinguisher Safety Tips To Protect Your Home Or Business

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Learning the proper way to use a fire extinguisher is extremely important for your safety!

For most homeowners or businesses a fire extinguisher is commonly your first line of defense when it comes to a fire emergency situation. However, simply owning a fire extinguisher is not enough to save you and your building from being able to contain a fire. In fact, understanding the proper way to use a fire extinguisher and distinguishing among the wide array out there for the specific fire you find yourself facing can make a huge difference in the safety of your home or business.

The Best Time To Use A Fire Extinguisher

Understanding when to use a fire extinguisher is a critical component of fire safety. In fact, when a fire breaks out you only have moments to think about the best way to fight the fire. Therefore, being prepared with a variety of fire extinguishers for all sorts of fires can allow you to fight any fire that may break out. In the end, you want to make sure to use a fire extinguisher as soon as possible. As soon as you spot a fire, enlist a co-worker or family member that is around to dial 911 immediately so that you can receive the proper assistance with containing and extinguishing a fire.

All The Various Types Of Fire Extinguishers

There are many different fire extinguishers that both homeowners and businesses need to be aware of based on the distinct type of fire that you are faced with. Fires are based on a series of classes as follows:

  • Class A: Common flammables and combustibles like paper and cloth.
  • Class B: Flammable liquids, like gas and oil.
  • Class C: Electrical equipment and faulty wiring.
  • Class D: Combustible metals such as magnesium, and sodium, and others.
  • Class K: Kitchen equipment fires, which are usually the cause of many restaurant fires.

Just as with everything some fires can be a combination of many different types. Which makes understanding the difference amongst all of them even more important when it comes time to extinguish a fire.

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