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Helpful Tips For Preventing Apartment And Office Building Kitchen Fires

apartment fire

Prevent your apartment or business from catching fire.

When we think of cooking a meal, fire prevention is often the last thing on our minds. However, one the leading causes of fires in apartments and office buildings is a kitchen fire. In fact, it is essential that property managers be aware of the key elements associated with a kitchen fire so they can avoid a potentially hazardous and extremely dangerous situation from occurring.

Preventing An Apartment Or Office Building Kitchen Fire

One of the biggest causes of kitchen fires is grease fires. In fact, once ignited, grease becomes extremely flammable resulting in a rapidly moving flame. Due to the high density of occupants in apartment and office buildings, these fast-moving fires can be highly hazardous to the individuals within these respective buildings. As a result, it is critical that property managers and business owners know how to act fast in any fire situation, especially a kitchen fire.

Fire Safety Checklist For Cooking

Whenever you or anyone you know is cooking, there should be a checklist that is followed to ensure that a fire does not erupt and ruin a fine meal.

  • Avoid loose-fitting clothing when cooking
  • Never, ever leave the stove unattended
  • If your pan lights on fire, immediately turn off the stove, place the lid on the pan and use a fire extinguisher or baking soda to suppress the fire. However, if there is a grease fire, avoid using water. It will only make the situation incredibly worse.
  • Avoid placing any metal inside the microwave
  • Make sure to keep any and all flammables like kitchen towels far away from any burners
  • Always be sure to cook with the fan on

It is also crucial to notice if your smoke detector is in proper working order. Ideally, when the smoke detector goes off, you should turn the burner off and slide the pan to a totally different burner. Making sure to notice if a fire has broken out or not.

In the end, fire safety is important, especially in the kitchen. Taking the time to ensure that you are using proper methods when cooking is essential for your safety as well as those around you.

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