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The Top 2 Most Common Fire Sprinkler Misconceptions, Debunked


Protecting a business or home from fire is imperative!

When a fire breaks out in an office or home, people will most likely assume that all the fire sprinklers will go off. However, that simply isn’t the case. With television and movies broadcasting false information, people have a misguided idea of how fire sprinkler systems work. As a result, we’ve decided to get deep down into the most common myths surrounding fire sprinkler systems and bust them once and for all.

Myth #1: Smoke Will Trigger A Sprinkler System To Go Off

The truth is that automatic fire sprinkler systems work using either a fusible link or a frangible bulb. In fact, neither one gets activated by smoke wafting through the air. Instead, automatic sprinkler systems become activated due to a change in the temperature. For instance, in a frangible bulb, a liquid is usually kept inside of a glass tube. When the heat finally reaches a particular temperature- typically 155 degrees Fahrenheit in office buildings– the liquid expands and naturally causes the glass to shatter completely. As soon as the glass breaks, a flange is then released which activated the release of water from the fire sprinkler heads. Although it is important to note that how these sprinkler heads operate is all dependant on the type of system installed. Essentially, the systems work in a very similar fashion.

Myth #2: As Soon As One Sprinkler Head Goes Off, They All Go Off

The only way a fire sprinkler system would work so that all the heads go off at the same time is with a deluge system. For the majority of buildings, a deluge system is not appropriate. In fact, in standard fire sprinkler systems, each head goes off one at a time. As heat spreads, more and more sprinkler heads become activated. However, in a deluge system, once the heat activates the sprinkler heads, they all go off simultaneously.

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