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Staying Safe In A High-Rise Building

fire safety

Having a proper fire safety plan is essential in a high-rise building.

Fire safety is an essential in any building. However, it becomes increasingly important in a high-rise building. In fact, the concern looms large when it comes to a fire emergency breaking out in any high-rise building, whether it’s an apartment or commercial space. That is why the NFPA has strict codes and guidelines specifically outlined for high-rise buildings to protect them in a fire emergency situation.

Greater Fire Protections For High-Rise Buildings

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the reports of death resulting from a fire are significantly reduced in higher-rise buildings when compared to lower-rise buildings with seven or fewer levels. There seem to be more fire protection safety measures put in place in high-rise buildings which end up saving many lives daily. Features such as fire sprinkler systems and one-way communication systems are typically found in high-rise buildings, giving them more safety protection from a fire. In some states, property managers are required to distribute updated fire safety information annually. Depending on the size of the company you work in, most office buildings have an obligation to have some sort of fire equipment training for a fire emergency.

Always Be Prepared

While measures should be set in place to prevent a fire from erupting, there is always some sort of risk that a fire could break-out at any moment and cause a disaster. However, being prepared for the worst is sometimes the best thing any building manager or business owner could do to protect their business and their employees simultaneously. When it comes to employees, they should learn and really understand their employers’ fire safety plan. If they have any questions whatsoever, they should speak to their supervisor directly so that they know what to do in a fire emergency situation. Ideally, every employee should be aware where the nearest fire emergency exits are so that if a fire erupts, they know where they need to go to get out safely.

Upgrade Your Fire Safety Plan With Anderson Fire Protection

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