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How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work


Fire sprinkler systems are a wonderful way to protect your home or business from destruction.

Whether you have a fire sprinkler system in your home, office, or both, it can be quite complicated for many people to understand exactly how these systems work in a fire emergency situation.  What many people fail to know is that fire sprinkler systems have been in use since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This means that fire sprinkler systems were a massive breakthrough for fire protection and fire safety. Back then, fires were notorious for causing severe damage to homes and businesses alike. After fire sprinkler systems had come on the scene, destruction from fires was significantly reduced. Here is a lowdown on how fire sprinkler actually works to protect your home or office building from being obliterated when a fire breaks out.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Have Come A Long Way

With significant improvement from when they first were created, fire sprinkler systems have saved numerous lives and structures just by being installed correctly and efficiently. In fact, most building codes require that owners install fire sprinkler systems in any new construction or building renovation.

How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Actually Work?

While it is evident to see that fire sprinkler systems are a wonderful way to ensure that your home or office building avoids being destroyed by fire, you may still be wondering how those little fire sprinkler heads can battle a raging fire. First of all, fire sprinkler systems are never activated by the presence of smoke. Instead, fire sprinkler systems are activated by a sharp increase in heat. Most buildings and homes are equipped with a smoke detector and fire sprinklers. Having this type of fire safety combination is a surefire way to reduce your home or building from becoming destroyed.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Designed For Fire Protection

Fire sprinkler systems work to suppress and control any type of fire that may break out, whether it be in your home or an office building. Fire sprinkler systems are impeccably designed to avoid causing any water damage to the structure as well. As a result, fire sprinkler systems concentrate and focus all their suppressive powers wherever they are needed the most.

Upgrade Your Fire Sprinkler System With Anderson Fire Protection

Anderson Fire Protection has the expertise and skill to help your home or commercial property upgrade to the latest smart smoke detectors. We have been working in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. areas for over 25 years, and we are known for our top-notch customer service and high quality results. If you are ready for fantastic fire prevention and protection services, from fire sprinkler installation to fire alarm design and consulting, give us a call at (410) 796-4915 or visit us online. For more fire safety tips to keep your property safe, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


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