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The Importance Of Keeping Track Of Your Inspection Documents

fire inspection documents

Make sure your documents are kept safe and secure.

According to the NFPA guidelines, your business is required to maintain all inspection records for the period between inspections, as well as for one year after the next required inspection, test, or scheduled maintenance. Still, it is a good idea to continue to keep all of your company’s inspection documents for a certain number of years so that any available trends can be easily seen and then treated if need be.

Insurance Companies

Beyond the rules and regulations, many insurance companies require businesses to maintain excellent record keeping of their fire inspection documents. Proper record keeping and any associated inspections, including testing and other maintenance can establish a lower risk of a fire emergency. Insurance companies will often provide an incentive for those businesses that have a low risk of a fire emergency such as lower premiums.

Best Places To Store Important Documents

When it comes to storing very important information, like your fire inspection documents, where you keep them is essential to your company. For instance, many businesses will store their fire alarm reports in a securely locked documentation storage cabinet that is located somewhere close to the actual fire alarm system. By storing print documents in with flash drives, in the same location, it alleviates any worry about where the numerous important documents could be hiding. The last thing you want to suffer is losing any important documents.

Property managers are also required to keep fire inspection information documents. The onus is on your property manager to have the original accepting test documents, maintenance manuals, and any manufacturer data sheets that detail the life span of most life and fire safety systems. And as always, it’s best to refer to the guidelines set out by the NFPA  and local requirements to determine what exactly you are required to keep.

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