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Perfecting The Fire Drill

Every workplace within a building will have designated people assigned to handle safety situations.

Whether you work in a large office or a small retail facility, having a proper fire drill procedure in place is integral to the safety of everyone involved. While having a fire safety plan in place can be important, one crucial aspect of that plan is a fire drill. Most workplaces will require at least one fire drill every year. Certain places like schools, daycare centers, and large assembly areas will require monthly or quarterly fire drills. These should always be organized and executed by fire safety supervisors. If you are looking to create a fire drill in your own workplace, here are some things that you need to know.

Appoint a Fire Safety Supervisor

Whether you call them fire wardens, safety supervisors or the fire committee, you need people designated to take control when a fire breaks out. Every workplace within a building will have designated people assigned to handle safety situations. For huge businesses, it is quite common to have a fire warden in each department, often the department manager or floor manager. In other cases, this person will be someone who works in a managerial capacity within the office. Traditionally these people are the ones who are ultimately responsible for organizing and executing the fire drills.

Purpose Of Workplace Fire Drills

Fire safety is a hot word these days. Most people will often wrongly assume that the objective of a fire drill is to just make sure that the occupants know how to get out of the building quickly and efficiently. However, while that is still important, the primary objective of a fire drill is to test the actual fire safety supervisors to ensure that they are consistently following fire evacuation procedures correctly and efficiently.

Fire Drill Procedures

A comprehensive fire drill will usually involve some kind of re-enactment of a fire or emergency situation including the activation of the fire alarm system itself.

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