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How To Prevent an Office or Apartment Building Fire

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Whether in an office or an apartment, kitchen fires can be devastating or even deadly. Here’s how to prevent them.

Both property managers and business owners need to be aware of the fire dangers posed to their buildings. In fact, when most people think of prevention, cooking a meal doesn’t often come to mind. However, the reality is that kitchen fires are the leading cause of fires in apartment and office buildings alike. As a result, building managers and occupants all need to be aware of how to prevent these terrible tragedies from happening. Whether in an office or an apartment, kitchen fires can be devastating or even deadly. Here’s how to prevent them.

Fire Safety Checklist When Cooking

Ideally, when you begin to cook a meal, you consider your attire. It is crucial that when you are near a stove or other hot surface that you are rolling up your sleeves or wearing tight sleeves to prevent a fire from erupting. In fact, never leave the stove unattended- not even for a minute. If you have a pan that somehow lights on fire, you’ll want to immediately turn the stove off at once. Put a lid on it and use a fire extinguisher or baking soda to suppress the fire. If there is a grease fire, please never use water, as this will likely turn the fire into an immediate explosion and then spread the fire to the counter, floor, wall or other furniture.

Have A Smoke Detector

Again, this is a great reason why it’s so important to ensure that your smoke detector is in proper working order. In fact, a smoke detector could really end up saving your life and the lives of others. If your smoke detector goes off, you will want to turn off your burner at once and slide the pan to a new burner (at a lower temperature) if there is no fire. However, if there is already a fire started, please find a fire extinguisher and contact your local authority as soon as possible. That is the safest way to eliminate any casualties.

Practice Fire Safety with Anderson Fire Protection

Anderson Fire Protection has the expertise and skill to help your home or commercial property upgrade to the latest smart smoke detectors. We have been working in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. areas for over 25 years. We are known for our top-notch customer service and high-quality results. If you are ready for fantastic fire prevention and protection services, from fire sprinkler installation to fire alarm design and consulting, give us a call at (410) 796-4915 or visit us online. For more fire safety tips to help keep your property safe, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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