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Top Tips for Selecting the Right Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety

Being prepared for a fire and having the proper tools in place to extinguish the flames is essential. Here are the different fire extinguishers you may need

When it comes to fire safety, knowing what type of fire extinguisher to have on hand becomes integral to the safety of all occupants. In fact, depending on the specific type of fire, a very specific fire extinguisher will be required. As a result, being prepared for whatever fires may come, having the proper tools in place to extinguish the flames is essential! Here are the different fire extinguishers you’ll need depending on the type of fires that you’ll likely face.

What Type Of Fire Is Likely To Occur?

The first thing you need to do is assess the various types of fires that could break out. A building fire assessment from a qualified technician can help to facilitate the process. In fact, a technician can help determine the type, size, and weight of the proper fire extinguisher needed in the event a fire breaks out. As a result, a qualified fire technician or local fire authority could also help to properly place the fire extinguishers throughout your building.

Portable and Very Easy To Use

Portable fire extinguishers are named as such for a reason- they are portable. In fact, just like the name suggests, they can be easily carried to help extinguish any fire in no time. As a result, they are typically only used for small fires that if not extinguished could turn into large uncontrolled fires. This is why knowing how to use a portable fire extinguisher becomes so important!

Placement Is Very Important

Just like knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is important, where you place them is essential as well. In fact, portable fire extinguishers should typically be located in a very visible location that has an unobstructed view. Ideally, placed along a normal travel path and should have the extinguisher instructions facing outward so if an untrained person is using the fire extinguisher, they can easily see how to properly operate it without any issue.

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