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4 Things That Can Cause A Fire Extinguisher To Become Defective

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Maintaining your fire extinguisher is crucial for everyone’s safety.

Fire extinguishers should be able to last a long time. However, there are a variety of factors that play a role in reducing the efficiency of a fire extinguisher. As arguably one of the most critical components of a fire protection system, fire extinguishers are frequently overlooked. Just like every other part of a fire protection system, fire extinguishers need to be maintained, fixed and replaced as necessary. You may be wondering how long fire extinguishers actually last. While a variety of factors need to be considered, here are just a few of the things that can cause a fire extinguisher to become defective and unable to work correctly!

Dirt And Dust

Nozzles and gauges alike may clog or malfunction. The most significant culprits are dirt and dust. As soon as dirt and dust accumulate to a considerable degree, the likelihood of your fire extinguisher working at all is very very slim.


Excessive vibration levels in environments where heavy machinery is used can cause a significant amount of damage to fire extinguishers. All the vibrations actually prompt the components of the fire extinguisher to loosen. As a result, the fire extinguisher could break or leak which can be harmful to anyone standing nearby.


Over time, as with anything, a fire extinguisher will need to be replaced. Fire extinguishers may lose their charge, hoses, and nozzles could become unusable, and the overall effectiveness of any fire extinguisher is likely to diminish with time significantly. An average lifespan for a fire extinguisher is within the range of five to fifteen years. This is a very crucial thing to remember for those who are looking to purchase a new home since you always want to know how old the fire protection system is before you actually move in!

Moisture And Rust

Damp and humid environments can cause your fire extinguisher to rust. The excess moisture is not a safe environment for fire extinguishers. The rusting can lead to critical fire extinguisher components breaking down or locking up. Either way, getting an inspection routinely will allow you to recognize any issues with your fire extinguisher and resolve them immediately.

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