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What Is Fire Extinguisher Maintenance And What You Need To Know

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Properly maintaining a fire extinguisher is essential for everyone’s safety.

Walk into utterly any building, and you are bound to see a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall. And while it doesn’t look it, the fire extinguisher requires some maintenance to ensure that it can be used in the event of a fire emergency. A fire extinguisher does a lot more than just sit idly by waiting for a fire to erupt. In fact, most people tend to overlook the idea that fire extinguishers require maintenance. Think about the fire extinguisher that is in your home or office, do you know if it’s fully charged or not? Do you know if you can depend on it to completely extinguish a fire? This is precisely why the National Fire Prevention Association requires that portable fire extinguishers be maintained. Through rigorous inspections, fire safety equipment must pass specific tests to ensure that it is in proper working order and ready to use at any moment. Here are some essential highlights from a fire extinguisher inspection process.

The Inspection Begins From The Moment They Step Foot In The Door

Fire maintenance technicians come fully prepared to conduct an exhaustive fire extinguisher inspection. In fact, they come with all the tools needed to perform a proper inspection of your home or facility. First, the technician will ensure that all fire extinguishers are appropriately located and easily accessible. If a clear path isn’t laid out, technicians may ask the customer to remove any obstructions blocking the ability to reach the fire extinguisher.

Ensure Extinguisher Is Properly Charged And Appropriate For Your Facility

Did you know that a kitchen requires a different type of fire extinguisher than a server room? Technicians will verify that the fire extinguisher you have is going to work based on the fire hazards applicable to your facility. Also, the technician will check the gauge on the fire extinguisher to make sure that the pressure is within the proper range.

Get Your Fire Extinguisher Inspections With Anderson Fire Protection

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