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The Basics To Understanding How Fire Alarms Really Operate

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Understanding how fire alarms work is easier than you think.

For the most part, we have all experienced a fire alarm going off. Whether we were students in a classroom or adults in our offices. How often have we taken the time to really consider the various functions of a fire alarm system and how it operates? In fact, have we ever really thought about all the incredible components of a fire alarm system. Let us take a gander at the foundational elements of a fire alarm system and how it really works to keep us all safe every single day!

The Purposes Of A Fire Alarm

There are basically 4 essential purposes of a fire alarm system:

  • Detecting a fire
  • Alerting occupants of a fire hazard
  • Activating a variety of safety control functions
  • Alerting the local fire department

While some of these functions require complex design and engineering to accomplish effectively, there are basic functions that fire alarms serve to protect us every day.

Detecting A Fire

Fires are usually detected with the assistance of some sort of smoke detector. In fact, fire alarms work in coordination with smoke detectors in order to alert occupants of a fire hazard. Most homes are equipped with smoke detectors but less familiar with fire alarms. Therefore, it can be overwhelming when it comes to understanding the critical devices associated with fire detection such as a water flow switch which detects the water flow from the sprinkler system.

Alerting Occupants Of A Fire

Installing audible notification devices is essential for fire alarms to work properly and alert occupants of any fire danger or fire hazard that is detected. In fact, there are often horns that accompany such systems so it is easy to hear for all.

Safety Control Functions

There are a variety of control functions that a fire alarm performs when there is a fire hazard. In fact, consider how a smoke detector in an elevator lobby will recall the cars to a designated floor if fire or smoke is detected.

Notifying The Fire Department

The best feature of a fire alarm is sending a notification to the local fire department for help. Ideally, the fire department is the best resource to eliminate a fire that has erupted.

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