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Fire Safety 101: Summer Grilling Edition

fire safety summer grilling

Stay safe this Father’s Day when using the grill!

As the weather begins to heat up, grilling season reaches its peak. With the summertime comes a myriad of barbecues and picnics to attend. While all these activities are tons of fun, it is important to always follow fire safety protocols when dealing with any fire hazard such as an outside grill. Many fires have been caused by improper safety procedures with the use of an outdoor grill. Here are the best safety considerations to make for your next outdoor barbecue.

Be Extra Cautious With Liquid Gas And Propane

Liquid gas and propane are some of the most flammable types of fuels. In fact, liquid gas and propane are the fuels that pose the most dangerous and severe risk of causing a fire. Grill fires are commonly started as a result of using propane or liquid gas without proper attention. However, any flammable material can pose a fire risk when grilling outdoors.

Clean The Grill Before And After Use

Another important component of fire safety is to always make sure to thoroughly clean the grill before and after using it. Improperly cleaned grills are the leading cause of some of the most severe outdoor grill fires. In fact, there are easy ways to clean a grill. If you have a gas grill try using a pipe cleaner to clear any blockage within the tubes leading to the burner.

Check For Gas Leaks In The Gas Line

Another leading cause of gas grill fires is a leak in the gas line or a break. Ideally, you’ll want to inspect the gas line regularly to ensure that it doesn’t pose a significant fire hazard when in use. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that there aren’t any sharp bends in the tubing which could also pose a severe fire risk.

Keep a certified fire extinguisher within reach.

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