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Anderson Fire Protection Has Provided 600 Turkeys to People in Need

Thanksgiving has just recently come to a conclusion, and we at Anderson Fire Protection have been celebrating in a variety of ways. As part of our Thanksgiving festivities, Anderson Fire Protection has provided to people in need by sending more than 600 turkeys to different facilities.

What Facilities Did Anderson Fire Protection Cater?

Anderson Fire Protection Has Provided 600 Turkeys to People in Need

Anderson Fire Protection also provided turkeys to those at Billie Holiday Elementary School.

We went to all kinds of facilities to help them celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of the facilities we helped include food pantries, schools, and churches, as well as other people who needed food during the Thanksgiving holiday. We understand that not all people can have the same Thanksgiving meals that other families have, and we wanted to do our best to give these facilities the Thanksgiving experience they deserve!

We Hope Everyone We Served Can Enjoy a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

While Anderson Fire Protection is a company that specializes in fire safety, we love to provide for people in other ways as well. That’s why we loved carrying out this turkey donation mission. Thanksgiving is a time that everyone deserves to enjoy, and we hope that, through our efforts, the people we served were able to have a Thanksgiving to look back on fondly.


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