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Causes of Leaking in Fire Sprinklers

Causes of Leaking in Fire Sprinklers

Read on to see why fire sprinklers may start leaking.

Has your business ever experienced pools of water developing on the floors? If it has, then there’s a chance it could be due to leaking in your fire sprinklers. A fire sprinkler system can leak for many reasons, and knowing the source of the problem is helpful because it allows you to come up with an effective solution to the issue. Read on to see why fire sprinklers may start leaking.

You Have Equipment Failure

Sometimes, a fire sprinkler might leak because of either human error, or because there was a problem in the manufacturing process. Perhaps your sprinklers might not be designed properly, or something went wrong while they were being installed. In other cases, they could need repairs, but the ones who fix them make mistakes during the repair process. Whatever the problem may be, you should get them inspected by a professional fire sprinkler consulting company.

Your Fire Sprinklers are Corroding

Have you noticed that there is an odor akin to rotten eggs around your building? Perhaps there is water that is not its normal color.. In cases like these, it’s very possible that your fire sprinklers have started leaking as a result of corrosion. A fire safety company can come take a look at your fire sprinkler system to assess the damage and determine exactly where your leak began, and what caused it.

Your Sprinkler Pipes and Heads are Damaged

Sprinkler systems don’t always run into problems by accident. Sometimes, there are people who cause intentional damage to your fire sprinklers, which stops them from working as they should. One example would be if an act of vandalism occurred. To prevent this problem from happening in the future, you can get your fire sprinklers fitted with protective cages and keep others from tampering with them. This will increase the safety and security that all of your fire sprinkler systems are provided.

Your Sprinklers Have Become Frozen

Sometimes, a failure in your heating system can cause your sprinkler system to freeze over. Be sure the temperature is always no cooler than 40 degrees Fahrenheit when you have to turn off your heating system. Once you’ve finished working on your heating system, turn it back on so that freezing does not occur. Also, pay extra attention to sprinkler heads near your windows because they are more susceptible to freezing than other sprinklers. It helps to close your windows when temperatures approach freezing outside.


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