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Common Reasons for Fire Sprinklers to Not Work Properly

Common Reasons for Fire Sprinklers to Not Work Properly

Here are some of the reasons your fire sprinklers might not be working the way they should.

Protecting your business and everyone inside of it is always of utmost importance, and fire sprinklers play a vital role in preserving people’s safety if a fire takes place. That said, fire sprinklers can potentially fail or malfunction, which could pose a significant danger to you. You need to perform maintenance checks on your fire sprinkler system from time to time to make sure your sprinklers are functional. Here are some of the reasons your fire sprinklers might not be working the way they should.

Failure to Launch

While most fire sprinklers activate when they need to do so, there are a few that don’t go off. This could be for several reasons. There could be a water leak, which automatically turns off your fire sprinkler system. The sprinkler system could also be turned off because of inactivity. If staff members are inexperienced with sprinklers, they may not realize how important it is to have the system functional, or they may have forgotten to restore the system to an operational level.


A fire sprinkler system may be impacted because of corrosion to your pipes. If your pipes are damaged, it becomes harder for water to get where it needs to go. Keep in mind that the minerals and additives that are in the water can cause your pipes to decay over time, which can result in leaks and lower pressure. To make sure your system is working properly, you should get it tested and inspected by a professional.


Freezing can be an issue depending on where you live. Without proper insulation, your pipes could have ice build up inside of them. This causes the pipes to expand and eventually crack and leak. If you’re concerned about your pipes freezing, using antifreeze can be a big help for combating extremely cold temperatures.


If your air conditioner were to go out, it’s doubtful that your office staff would be too pleased about it. They wouldn’t likely appreciate being soaked with water. When you’re trying to define the tolerance of your fire sprinkler system, you should consider its maximum internal temperature beforehand.


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