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Different Types of Fire Sprinklers

Different Types of Fire Sprinklers

Find out about the many varieties of fire sprinklers and what uses they have.

Fire sprinklers are some of the most effective tools for protecting people against fires. They save many lives all of the time and help people feel safer. There are many types of fire sprinklers these days. Do you know about the different types of fire sprinklers? Find out about the many varieties of fire sprinklers and what uses they have.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

These are the most common fire sprinklers. They hold water in the sprinkler’s pipes. These are easy to install and about as easy to maintain. If you need a basic fire sprinkler system for your building, wet pipe sprinklers are a great choice for you.

Dry Pipe Systems

A dry pipe system is like a wet pipe system in many ways. The difference is that the water is not inside of the pipes. Instead, the pipes have pressurized air or nitrogen in them. Water is held back through the use of a valve, and only when the system is activated does the water get let loose. These fire sprinklers are perfect for places that have concerns about pipes freezing.

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action sprinkler systems are like dry sprinkler systems. The difference is that these fire sprinklers have water held back because of an electronic valve. This valve opens when it detects a fire, and all sprinkler heads will trigger independently. If you think accidental activation of your fire sprinklers could cause significant damage, these could be a good match for you.

Deluge Systems

Deluge systems are usually installed in high hazard places. For these systems, water is held back by using a valve, and the sprinkler heads are open. Upon detecting a fire, water gets pumped through the sprinkler system and comes out of the open heads of the sprinkler.


ESFR stands for Early Suppression Fast Response. These systems are perfect for warehouse settings. These are high volume and high-velocity fire sprinklers. They are often placed on ceilings to keep storage areas safe.

In-Rack Sprinklers

In-rack sprinkler systems are also perfect for warehouse environments. They’re used to manage fires that are located in small areas, so that entire storage areas don’t get incinerated. These fire sprinklers are practically always found nearby storage areas.


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