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How To Properly Winterize Your Fire Sprinkler Systems

How To Properly Winterize Your Fire Sprinkler Systems

Here are the steps and key things to keep in mind when it comes to winterizing your fire sprinkler system.

There is something incredibly important that comes with winterizing your fire sprinkler systems. It is a critical component of fire safety in any space. As a result, the damage associated with freezing pipes can be harmful to any building structure — including yours. Therefore, cold weather — which is seemingly on its way in the Maryland area — can make those pipes burst. In the hopes of helping building owners better prepare their fire protection systems in their area, here are the steps and key things to keep in mind when it comes to winterizing your fire sprinkler system.

What To Check For Dry, Wet, And Antifreeze Systems

There are a few things building owners will need to verify and inspect when it comes to either a dry, wet, or antifreeze fire protection system. Checking the water storage tank heaters should be the first thing building owners do to ensure that everything is working properly. The next important step would be to determine if any heat tracing is fully intact and also operating as it should — this can include all the monitoring and heat trace systems you may have in place. After checking for those things, a visual inspection of any wet pipes in attic areas can help to determine if any insulation is required or if the current insulation should be replaced.

Dry Pipe And Pre-Action Fire Systems

Certain items should be checked and inspected for dry pipe and pre-action systems as well. Checking all the dry pipe and pre-action systems in your building can easily ensure there is no threat of flooding in your humble abode. After you check for that, it’s key that you drain all the low point drains in your building. This will help to protect your building’s fire systems from freezing once the cold weather comes through. Finally, there is something important that still needs to be done. Building owners need to verify and record the location of all the drains to ensure they are all properly maintained and monitored.


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