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The Reason Fire Alarms Are So Loud

The Reason Fire Alarms Are So Loud

There are several reasons why people find fire alarms so loud and why they are the way they are.

Have you ever been to a rock concert? If so, you understand loud noises. But what about fire alarms? Why are they so loud? There are several reasons why people find fire alarms so loud and why they are the way they are. 

How Loud Are Fire Alarms?

The NFPA 72 clearly outlines the essential requirements for fire alarm notification. These appliances must be in proper working order to ensure everyone occupying a building is aware of a potential fire emergency so that they can evacuate safely and effectively. From both audible and visible notifications, fire alarms serve a primary purpose in any fire protection plan. When it comes to horns and sirens, these end up providing the very instrumental audible fire emergency alert to everyone occupying the building in question. Also, various strobe lights — when properly installed — can help work to provide the actual visible fire emergency alert system. As a result, there is absolutely no doubt that having prolonged and repeated exposure to various loud noises can damage people’s hearing. That being said, when it comes to safety — particularly in the event of a fire emergency — loud noises seem significantly less concerning.

The Reasons Behind Varying Fire Alarm Volumes

There seems to be a range of volumes when it comes to fire alarms and their sound. The ultimate goal of having a fire alarm properly installed in either your home or building implies the importance of having all occupants be able to evacuate the space effectively and swiftly. As a result, the NFPA will continue to require that fire alarm horns be set to a loud volume — to ensure that everyone — no matter their hearing ability — can evacuate safely. The actual requirement is loud — it’s set to 15 dB above the average noise level or 5dB above the maximum ambient sound, whichever happens, to be larger or greater. That being said, the loud volume for fire alarms is set because it accounts for the simple fact that distance from the horn decreases its perceived volume.


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