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Properly Functioning Fire Extinguisher

Properly Functioning Fire Extinguisher

There are a ton of things people need to know when it comes to a fire extinguisher.

There are a ton of things people need to know when it comes to a fire extinguisher. A properly functioning fire extinguisher can save the day. When a fire extinguisher is placed where it needs to be — and works properly — it can ultimately make the difference between a tiny fire and a massive fire disaster. Although you should be in contact with a professional to ensure that your fire extinguisher is working properly. With proper maintenance and scheduled inspections, you can rest assured that your fire extinguishers will work properly in the event of a fire emergency situation.

Contact A Professional

One of the best things you can do when it comes to a fire extinguisher is always to have the professionals come out and ensure the fire extinguisher itself is ultimately working properly. You will ultimately want to confirm that the extinguisher is always visible, unobstructed, and always in it’s designated location.

Locking Pin Intact

One of the keys to ensuring you have an extinguisher that is in proper working condition is to verify that the locking pin is still intact and that the tamper seal is unbroken. All you have to do is examine the extinguisher itself for any apparent physical damage, corrosion, leakage or clogged nozzle — these are all signs that your fire extinguisher is probably not working properly and needs to be replaced or fixed.

Check The Pressure Gauge

Another crucial component to a fire extinguisher is the pressure gauge. It could ultimately benefit everyone for you to check the pressure gauge or indicator is in the proper operable range or position. This also means you’ll want to check the fire extinguisher is still full by just lifting it.

Bottom Line

Having a properly working extinguisher is of the utmost importance, whether it’s for your home or business. Being mindful of checking your fire extinguisher and getting the assistance of a professional can make all the difference in the event of a fire emergency.


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