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How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Actually Work?

Fire Sprinkler systems

Understanding the importance of fire sprinkler systems is easier than you think!

Fire sprinkler systems are a wonderful line of defense against a fire. In fact, they are often the first line of defense. Homeowners and business owners alike know how important it is to keep their homes and business safe from a fire. As a result, there is a lot to learn when it comes to how a fire sprinkler system actually works. Here is everything you need to know.

How Is A Fire Sprinkler System Set Off?

Fire sprinkler systems are important when it comes to protecting businesses as well as homes from catching fire. In fact, as soon as they are triggered, they will be set off. As a result, the system is usually activated when the air around it reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. In essence, a small heat-sensitive plug sits directly inside the sprinkler head itself. And as soon as the air gets too hot, the plug shatters and water is released.

Do All Sprinkler Heads Activate At Once?

Fire sprinkler systems are activated by heat and not the smoke, so there is no way for all fire sprinklers to actually go off simultaneously. In fact, it’s actually pretty rare. Typically, just the right amount (enough to not cause water damage) is released to curtail the fire and stop it from spreading throughout a business or home.

Inspection And Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems are found in a variety of businesses and homes and even apartment buildings. As an integral part of any fire protection system, fire sprinklers need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. In fact, with regular inspections, you can ensure that your fire sprinkler systems are working at optimal levels which will help protect you when you need them the most.


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