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Hazards That Could Result in Commercial Fires

Hazards That Could Result in Commercial Fires

Let’s take a look at hazards that result in commercial fires.

For anyone owning a business these days, fire protection is a top priority for your facility. Commercial fires are something we always try to avoid, but you have to be prepared for one at all times. To prevent these fires from happening, you’ll want to be aware of the various hazards that can cause fires to start. Let’s take a look at hazards that result in commercial fires.

Cooking Equipment

Some businesses, such as restaurants, will have cooking equipment around their facilities. Even businesses that don’t specialize in cooking might have some pieces of equipment, so long as these businesses have kitchens.

Since cooking involves high temperatures, grease, and flammable oils, there are quite a few opportunities for fires to break out if you aren’t careful.

Heating Equipment

Whenever it gets cold outside, your business will try harder to stay warm inside. This is when many facilities bring out their heating equipment, like boilers and furnaces. If you aren’t careful, though, these appliances can overheat, and overheating will result in fires.

Lighting and Electrical Equipment

Commercial fires can also erupt from your wiring, depending on the condition of the wires. If your wires aren’t damaged and they’re relatively new, you should experience no problems.

For those who have wiring that has gotten older and defective, you run a greater risk of causing electrical fires around your business. Fires could also happen due to imbalanced electrical loads or fuses that have grown faulty.

Materials Used for Smoking

Perhaps there are people around your business who smoke. Naturally, smoking will go hand-in-hand with a greater risk of fires. The good news is that smoking isn’t as popular as it’s been in years’ past, and there are even cigarettes that have less ignition strength, which lowers the likelihood of them causing fires. Even so, you need to keep smoking in mind when addressing all of the fire risks around your business.


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