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Likely Catalysts for Office Fires

Likely Catalysts for Office Fires

Prevent fires in your office by knowing the most common causes.

Fires can do a number to any business, and the impact they cause can be severe. Some businesses never fully recover from the effects of a fire because they can lose irreplaceable components, such as data or even the lives of innocent people. Office settings, unfortunately, can be susceptible to fires if you’re not careful. To reduce your chances of starting office fires, you first need to know what can put your office at risk. These are some of the catalysts that can cause office fires to break out.

Damaged Power Cords

Most office environments are filled with plenty of electronics, such as copy machines, computers, and other electrical gadgets. Wire casing can get worn down as time goes on, which will eventually leave the actual wiring exposed and vulnerable. With this problem comes the risk of sparks, which could end up causing office fires if the sparks make contact with anything flammable in the area.

To keep fires from happening, it helps to inspect the wiring on your electronics to be sure nothing is worn down. If any casing is too worn to be safe, get it replaced.

Watch Out for Combustible Materials

Office fires have an easier time spreading whenever there are plenty of combustible objects around. Between aerosols, office papers, and certain types of furniture, it makes sense that a fire could arise in an office setting.

Simply getting rid of all of these is not an option because they are vital to how your office functions. However, it helps to keep things neat and organized. If there is waste around your office, collect it and dispose of it properly so that it can’t accidentally be set aflame. Also, your staff must understand how to properly use aerosols and flammable liquids. These should be kept away from potential heat sources.

Risks With Computers

Computers are used for many reasons in office environments. With that said, they can still be catalysts for office fires if you aren’t cautious. This is mainly because computers heat up when they are being used, and overheating becomes a serious risk. There are often cooling mechanisms inside of them, but these mechanisms could fail you. Because of this, keep flammable objects, such as papers, at a safe distance away from computers.


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