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Knowing Which Fire Extinguisher to Use For Your Business

Knowing Which Fire Extinguisher to Use For Your Business

Here is what you can do to select the right fire extinguisher for your business.

Fire damage in a commercial area is always going to be a serious problem. Fires are capable of causing so much damage in a short amount of time, usually resulting in you being forced to shut down your business to get all of the necessary repairs done. To prevent these tragedies, you need fire protection, and fire protection starts with a trusty fire extinguisher.

But there are so many extinguishers you could purchase, and each one is suitable for different fires. This means that not all extinguishers are best for your business. So how do you know which one to purchase? Here is what you can do to select the right fire extinguisher for your business.

Going Over Fire Extinguisher Types

All fire extinguishers will fall into at least one of five categories: A, B, C, D, and K. Each type combats different fires and works on different materials. The extinguisher you choose will depend on what is found in your business and what can cause fires inside of it.

  • Type A Extinguishers: Work on normal combustibles, such as paper and wood. Best used in office spaces, book shops, and furniture stores.
  • Type B Extinguishers: Useful against flammable liquids like paint, grease, and gasoline. Are ideal for use in home improvement stores and gas stations.
  • Type C Extinguishers: Can combat fires regarding live electrical equipment. Suitable for places such as radio stations and salons.
  • Type D Extinguishers: Can deal with flammable metals. Good in laboratory settings.
  • Type K Extinguishers: Can help against kitchen combustibles, such as oil and grease. Best in places like restaurants and kitchens.

Fire Extinguisher Sizes

While size isn’t directly correlated to your extinguisher’s effectiveness, you should keep in mind how large or small the endangered area is and what materials you are addressing when choosing the size of your extinguisher. Smaller extinguishers can be placed in tighter spots, making them easier to access if a small fire breaks out.

If you are in a large commercial building that has plenty of various flammable items and chemicals, it might be better to invest in a larger 10-pound extinguisher. While they are heavier, you also don’t have to take them as far. They could be what stops a smaller problem from escalating into something more dangerous.


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