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Why You May Fail a Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Why You May Fail a Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Usually, people will fail a fire extinguisher inspection for one or more of these reasons.

At a certain point, your fire extinguishers are going to need inspecting. When they do, you’ll want everything to be up to code. This ensures your building is protected during a fire and that your business doesn’t run into problems, not satisfying safety guidelines. Failure to pass your fire extinguisher inspection will mean you have to replace your extinguisher(s) at once, or you have to make whatever changes are necessary. Usually, people will fail a fire extinguisher inspection for one or more of these reasons.


Over time, your extinguisher can sustain damage. This stops it from functioning as needed. When having a fire extinguisher inspection, the inspector will scrutinize your extinguishers and see if they have any dents, rust, or other problems that hinder their ability to function.


Are you aware that your fire extinguisher can get clogged up with dirt and debris? You might also see deterioration in its O ring, which worsens its ability to function. That’s why, during your fire extinguisher inspection, your inspector will be looking for obstructions and remove them as they are detected throughout your examination.


No matter what type of extinguisher you have, leaks mean that you’ll run into problems when you need it the most. Make a habit out of checking your pressure gauge to make sure you aren’t running into any problems. If your extinguisher doesn’t have a pressure gauge, have an inspector come over and look at it.

Wear and Tear

Your fire extinguisher will have a label on it that tells you how to use it. This label must remain intact and be readable. If, during your fire extinguisher inspection, the inspector notices that your label is worn and torn, you won’t pass inspection. For this reason, it’s best to keep your fire extinguisher somewhere safe so that wear and tear don’t happen.

Battery/Recharge Problems

Many people don’t keep in mind that their extinguishers need to be charged or have their batteries replaced. No matter how rarely you use your extinguisher, even if it’s only one time, you have to recharge your battery so that it doesn’t fail in a pinch. Also, your battery has an expiration date, so eventually, you’ll need to replace it.


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