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Myths About Fire Sprinklers

Myths About Fire Sprinklers

We’ll be debunking the myths that have been created about fire sprinklers.

Sometimes, technology isn’t portrayed as accurately as it should be. In television and movies, realism may be abandoned for the sake of providing a more entertaining show. However, this does lead to some misconceptions revolving around how things function. Among the different items that become misunderstood are fire sprinklers. That’s why, today, we’ll be debunking the myths that have been created about fire sprinklers.

Myth 1: “In the event of a fire, all fire sprinklers go off at once and ruin everything inside of the building.”

It’s a scene we see in many Hollywood movies, showing dramatic floods that completely overwhelm tall buildings, being triggered by the smallest flame. Fire sprinklers don’t operate this way in real life.

Normally, each sprinkler will be triggered individually by the heat of the fire. The amount of heat also has to be significant enough (you don’t have to worry about setting off your sprinklers because you burnt a little food).

The design of fire sprinklers is simple yet effective. Only the closest ones to a fire will trigger, so the rest of the area will remain dry and secure.

Myth 2: “Water damage caused by fire sprinklers will be more devastating than the actual fire.”

Fire sprinklers address fires early on before they get out of control. This minimizes how much damage fires end up causing. On top of that, sprinklers give people the needed time to escape buildings that are up in flames. In short, fire sprinklers stop damage to not just the buildings, but the people inside of them. Fires can cause far more damage than the sprinklers that put them out.

Keep in mind that the fires themselves are only a fraction of where the damage originates. There’s also smoke damage that occurs, forcing people to replace many pieces of furniture. It’s best for you if you take your chances with whatever water damage your fire sprinklers cause. You’ll be avoiding much more devastating damage this way.

Myth 3: “There’s a chance for fire sprinklers to leak or activate by accident.”

It’s nearly impossible for a manufacturing error to result in an unintentional discharge. The odds of this occurring are less than 1 in 10 million. Now, while there are other factors that can cause leakage, such as corrosion or freezing. However, these instances aren’t any more likely to happen than leaks that come from the plumbing systems of buildings.


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