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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips To Keep in Mind

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Tips To Keep in Mind

Here’s what you can do to take better care of your fire sprinkler system.

Taking care of your commercial building is a lot of work, involving a plethora of tiny tasks such as getting the building ready for a storm, getting appliances fixed, and updating your fixtures. Fire sprinklers are another piece of equipment that will demand your attention. They are vital to protecting your building in the event of a fire, and you can’t afford to have them fail you in times of need. Here’s what you can do to take better care of your fire sprinkler system.

Give Your Sprinklers Routine Inspections

Over time, your fire sprinkler system will start to get worn down. For this reason, you’ll need to get monthly, quarterly, and annual sprinkler inspections. By getting your fire sprinkler system inspected, professionals can detect problems before they get out of hand. This can reduce the time needed to resolve problems and also lower the cost of any repairs or replacements you need.

Keep Track of Your Fire Sprinkler Checkups

You should keep a record of all of the fire sprinkler maintenance that gets done. By documenting your check-ups, repairs, and replacements, you’ll have a better idea of when the ideal moment will be for your next fire sprinkler inspection. Having documentation is also helpful because you can provide proof that you’ve had an inspection if necessary.

Check For Build-Up On Your Sprinkler Heads

Between your inspections, watching for potential problems that could arise is a good idea. Watch for any build-up or corrosion along your sprinkler’s mouth because these can cause your fire sprinklers to stop working the right way when you need them. If you see that your fire sprinkler system has build-up, get the problem addressed at your next inspection.

Replace Any Damaged or Leaking Fire Sprinkler Heads

If you happen to see water leakage coming from any of your fire sprinklers, you should get them replaced as soon as possible. Damaged fire sprinkler heads will stop your sprinkler system from working the way it should. It can also cause your building to suffer from extra water damage, which can result in additional repair and replacing expenses.


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