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Three Ways Your Fire Extinguishers Should Be Inspected

Three Ways Your Fire Extinguishers Should Be Inspected

There are three inspections that all fire extinguishers should undergo to avoid them failing you in times of need.

It can be easy to forget about your fire extinguishers. They always seem to sit around your home or business waiting for the moment you need it, but that moment, hopefully, never arises. This doesn’t mean you can forget about them, though. Even if your fire extinguishers aren’t always your top priority, you still need them to be ready in the event of an emergency. Extinguishers that don’t work won’t be able to protect your home or business, resulting in damage to your property, or even injuries or death of people inside the building. There are three inspections that all fire extinguishers should undergo to avoid them failing you in times of need.

Visual Inspections (Monthly)

You should perform one visual inspection on your fire extinguishers every month. These inspections include the checking for the following:

  • Your extinguishers are still in their proper places
  • They haven’t sustained any damage
  • They are easy to access
  • The extinguishers are fully charged and ready to use

While performing a visual inspection, see if there is any physical damage and if the pressure gauge is within the operational range. The pull pin can’t be missing, and the pull pin seal needs to be intact. You also want to verify the last time you had a professional inspection and mark the date that you had your visual inspection.

Maintenance Inspections (Annual)

A full maintenance check needs to be done on the fire extinguishers every year. When we say “maintenance,” we mean undergoing a more thorough examination, as well as repairing anything in need of repairs. These inspections should always be done by a professional company. Professionals have the necessary training and tools to make sure your fire extinguishers are up to standards. Any fire extinguishers that fail the inspection have to get replaced or repaired immediately.

Internal Maintenance Inspection (Once Every 5,6, or 12 Years [varies by model])

These inspections also have to be done by professionals. They include discharging the fire extinguishers and undergoing an entire internal examination to make sure all parts of your extinguishers are working. Also, your cylinders have to be hydrostatically tested to make certain they can safely hold the pressure that is needed for expelling the agent.

Each type of fire extinguisher will need an internal maintenance inspection after a given amount of time. Pressurized water, wet chemical, and carbon dioxide extinguishers should be checked every five years. Dry chemical variants should get tested every 12 years.


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