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Benefits of Getting a Fire Extinguisher Serviced

Benefits of Getting a Fire Extinguisher Serviced

Here are the benefits of getting your fire extinguisher serviced regularly.

The NFPA states that around 30% of all portable fire extinguishers aren’t in good condition. This could result in your extinguisher not working when you need it the most. If you haven’t gotten your fire extinguisher serviced yet, you might want to get it done now. Here are the benefits of getting your fire extinguisher serviced regularly.

It Can Be Hard to See Damage

As time goes on, it can be tough to see all of the damage your fire extinguisher sustains. This is because the damage can be located in hard-to-reach places. Sometimes, the damage is on the inside of the extinguisher, meaning you wouldn’t notice something is wrong until you try to use it. Getting someone to look at your fire extinguisher is helpful since you’ll have a set of professional eyes to help you find damage.

Hose Blockage

Hose blockage is one of those problems that you may not be able to find easily. Sometimes, insects and various debris can clog up the hose of your fire extinguisher, reducing its ability to fend off fires in the event of an emergency. If you don’t get your fire extinguisher serviced, you may not notice these problems until it’s too late. Take the initiative and get your extinguisher checked so that it can help you when you need it.

Potential Leaks

Sometimes, your fire extinguisher can experience leakage, which can render it ineffective. It’s easier to check for potential leaks when your fire extinguisher has a pressure gauge, but checking for leaks on any extinguisher is important.

Wear to Vital Labels

We all know that fire extinguishers experience wear and tear with each use. But did you know they also get worn down over time even when they’re not being used? Since they can get worn down, your extinguisher could start fading in certain areas. One such area you don’t want to have fade would be where the maintenance labels are found. If your maintenance labels become illegible, people who use your fire extinguisher may not know how to use it to fend off a fire. Service technicians also might not have the information they need when your labels get faded.

Some Fire Extinguishers Need to be Recharged

Any time a fire extinguisher is used, it should be recharged so that they are ready for use in the event that they’re needed. It doesn’t matter even if you used it for only a short time. You never know how long you may need it. It’s always safer to keep your fire extinguisher fully charged so that it’s ready for whatever emergency may come your way.


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