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Why Your Employees Should Have Fire Extinguisher Training

Why Your Employees Should Have Fire Extinguisher Training

There are plenty of reasons offering fire extinguisher training to your employees is worth your while.

Some employers are not sure if they should provide their workers with fire extinguisher training, or if the benefits of the training would be worthwhile. Fire extinguisher training is something that all employees should have. It could be the difference between whether or not your office is destroyed and materials are lost. There are plenty of reasons offering fire extinguisher training to your employees is worth your while.

OSHA Might Require Employees To Have Training

Employees in an office building are allowed to use a fire extinguisher if a small fire occurs unless you specifically instructed in your emergency plan that all employees must evacuate the area immediately.

In cases like this, employers must provide training on how to use a fire extinguisher to their employees. You can offer the training in various formats, such as watching an instructional video, offering a handout, or having a discussion on proper use.

Sometimes, however, some offices assign a specific person to use a fire extinguisher. If your office is one of them, you have to provide more specialized training. Employees who are specifically designated to use a fire extinguisher have to get hands-on training provided to them by the employer to ensure they use the extinguisher efficiently.

Make Sure The Right Extinguisher Is Used

When you offer fire extinguisher training, especially when the training is hands-on, you make sure that the right extinguisher is used for the job. Telling a person what to do only helps so much. It’s that hands-on experience that really helps them understand how to get the job done. Employees who are trained regularly and know the basics of the different types of fire extinguishers are much more likely to use the right extinguisher if an emergency arises.

Reduce The Chances Of Injury

Fires can cause people to get hurt, and knowing how to put out a fire before it can harm people drastically reduces the likelihood of injury. When your employees are properly trained, they are more likely to know how to properly handle a fire if one arises. Having the proper training also helps employees understand when they should flee the area before they get hurt.


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