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Knowing When To Replace Your Fire Extinguisher

Knowing When To Replace Your Fire Extinguisher

Here is what to know regarding when you should replace your fire extinguisher.

In any building, it is imperative that you have functional fire safety equipment. Without equipment that works properly, you can jeopardize the safety of everyone in a building if a fire were to break out. One such piece of equipment needed to combat fires would be a fire extinguisher. It’s widely known that fire extinguishers are one of your best defenses against fires, and having one break in a time of need is unacceptable. That’s why you need to know when to abandon an old extinguisher in favor of a new and more reliable one. Here is what to know regarding when you should replace your fire extinguisher.

Check With Your Extinguisher’s Manufacturer

On average, a fire extinguisher is expected to last between 5 and 15 years. However, every manufacturer is different, and they will know better than anyone when it’s getting close to the time that your extinguisher needs replacing. If you suspect that your fire extinguisher is about to go bad, contact your manufacturer to get their clarification.

Check Your Pressure Gauge Monthly

Checking your pressure gauge is a great way to tell if your fire extinguisher has had a recent inspection. All you need to do is check where the needle falls on this gauge. If it is found in the green space, that means your fire extinguisher is safe to use and that it will function properly. If it lands elsewhere, you’ll need to get your extinguisher replaced as soon as possible. Some older extinguishers don’t have gauges, so you’ll need to get professional help determining if they’re safe to use.

Look For Signs of Wear and Tear

Sometimes, all it takes to know when a fire extinguisher needs replacing is to take a look for any damage. Your extinguisher could have a wobbly handle. Perhaps there’s a locking pin that’s missing. Whenever a fire extinguisher is damaged in any way, you have to replace it immediately. Any fire extinguisher that isn’t in perfect condition could potentially fail on you when you need it most. Getting a new extinguisher is the safest option you can take, and when there are all sorts of people in your building, safety should always be a top priority.


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