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Features to Consider When Buying Smoke Detectors

Features to Consider When Buying Smoke Detectors

While there are many features you can get for your smoke detectors, here are some of the ones you should try to get on yours.

Some people believe that smoke detectors are used to prevent fires from occurring in people’s homes and businesses. However, this isn’t the reason. Smoke detectors are meant to alert people whenever a fire is present so that people can make an escape before the fire or toxic fumes can harm them. They are required for nearly any residential or commercial building and have been keeping people safer for decades. Different detectors come with different features. While there are many features you can get for your smoke detectors, here are some of the ones you should try to get on yours.

Interconnected Systems

Interconnected alarms are incredibly helpful. With interconnected systems, whenever one smoke detector goes off, all of the other detectors in the building will also sound off. This is especially helpful for larger buildings since smoke and fires may not be noticeable in all areas of the building. With interconnected smoke detectors, you will know when there is a problem, no matter where you are on your property. You can set up interconnected alarms either by hardwiring them or by using wireless connections.

Smart Alarms

Modern smoke detectors can often be accessed from anywhere with the assistance of a mobile device. This means that you would be able to spot problems even when you’re away from your property. It’s also easier for you to notify the fire department about any fires you have. Having smart smoke detectors is particularly useful for people who have multiple homes or vacation rentals because they won’t ever be at both properties at the same time.

Hard-of-Hearing-Sensitive Alarms

Not everyone can hear a smoke detector go off. The deaf and hard-of-hearing community are among those who won’t notice when an alarm uses noise to alert people in the building of smoke. Some alarms will use visual indicators such as strobe lights to get people’s attention in lieu of using an audible alarm. When people are sleeping, there are devices that can be connected to pillows, causing them to vibrate whenever smoke detectors go off. This is particularly useful for the elderly who might not wake up because of strobe lights.


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