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Ways to Prevent House Fires

Ways to Prevent House Fires

Here’s what you can do to prevent house fires.

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you create memories with your family and put your life together. The idea of anything happening to your home or the people who live in it is terrifying. The sad truth is that house fires take many people’s lives, but with preventive maintenance, you can stop it from happening to your home. Here’s what you can do to prevent house fires.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Checking your smoke alarms is a simple, yet effective way you can keep your house safe. Press the small button on your alarm and listen for a beep. If the beep is weak-sounding, you need to change your alarm’s batteries. Smoke alarms are vital for detecting danger early so you can either address the issue or get everyone out of the building safely.

Inspect Your Heating Sources

Heating sources that don’t work as they should could become the source of a fire. That’s why you should get all of your heating sources checked every year with the help of a professional. Your air filters have to be cleaned out, and space heaters can’t be near anything that is flammable. House fires can be caused more easily when dust and debris get too close to heat sources, so you have to make sure to keep them clean to keep debris to a minimum.

Keep Utilities Like Stoves and Ovens Clean

Fires caused by stoves are often the result of leftover food particles that are forgotten on the burners. If that isn’t the cause, curtains can catch fire if they are left too close to your stove. For those curtains, and other flammable objects like cookbooks or dish towels, keep them away from your burners to avoid a catastrophe.

Stay on Top of Your Cords

Before you plug anything in, you want to be sure that the cord isn’t either chewed or frayed. For any wires that have damage on them, you want to replace them as quickly as you can because they pose a significant fire hazard to your home.

Also, check where your cords are placed. Cords usually get hot, so you want to keep them away from flammable areas of your house, such as on rugs or walls and furniture.


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