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Stopping False Fire Alarms From Occurring

Stopping False Fire Alarms From Occurring

Fire alarms should only sound during real emergencies, and here’s what you can do to stop false alarms from happening.

Fire alarms play a pivotal role in protecting people from fires. They notify people of impending danger, giving them the time they need to safely evacuate the premises. Something people don’t want to hear is a false alarm. Not only does a false alarm get people into a panic for nothing, but over time, people may become numb to the sound of the fire alarm, so they won’t leave the area when a fire actually takes place. Fire alarms should only sound during real emergencies, and here’s what you can do to stop false alarms from happening.

Check Your System’s Sensitivity Levels

Having a professional come over and inspect your fire alarms is always a good idea. Have them check the sensitivity on your alarms since hypersensitivity is one of the leading causes for false alarms.

Alarms shouldn’t be going off just because of steam from a kitchen or because of an air vent. You only want them to sound off in dangerous and abnormal situations.

Evaluate Misapplication of Detectors or Sensors

Sometimes, you can prevent fires by noticing if a detector or sensor wasn’t applied correctly. Sometimes, alarms aren’t used in their proper settings or applications. As an example, smoke detectors should not be too close to air conditioning or heating vents.

Take note of when space dynamics are altered around your building. If they are, your detectors could be set up in the wrong area now. A specialist can offer an inspection for you to verify whether or not you’re susceptible to false fire alarms.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance and System Tests

The best strategy there is to keep false fire alarms from happening is to perform regular maintenance for your alarms and put them through all of their necessary testing. Many fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems should be tested once per year. Some have to be tested more frequently than that, depending on the model. Speak with a professional if you aren’t sure how often to get your equipment tested. They can even tell you when regular testing and maintenance isn’t enough, meaning you’ll know when to get your fire alarms replaced.


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