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Common Reasons for Commercial Fires

Common Reasons for Commercial Fires

Here are the most common reasons for commercial fires to start burning.

Commercial fires are best avoided whenever possible, but they happen more often than people may realize. The best way for you to avoid these fires is to know where fires originate in the first place. Knowing how a fire starts gives you the power to take precautions that prevent them. Here are the most common reasons for commercial fires to start burning.

Cooking Equipment

When thinking about cooking fires, your first thought may be that they take place in restaurants. However, any food-oriented business will usually have a kitchen. When cooking foods at high temperatures, common dangers involve flammable oils and grease. The hectic nature of some kitchen areas in businesses can cause people to become less careful, resulting in these dangerous fires.

Heating Equipment

Some buildings will require heat, depending on where they are located. There are many pieces of heating equipment that can malfunction, such as boilers, radiators, and furnaces. All of these can overheat and cause a fire to erupt.

Electrical & Lighting Equipment

Many modern buildings will have electrical wiring that’s installed behind walls for electrical lighting and power. The bad news is that electricity can present fire risks to these buildings. Wiring can become old and/or defective, circuits can overload, connections can come loose, and you can have imbalance electrical loads, among other electrical problems. Any of these can set your building aflame.

Smoking Materials

Some people smoke in buildings, and smoking materials like cigarettes and cigars can start a fire if people don’t dispose of them properly. Fortunately, smoking-related fires have gone down recently, but that is no reason not to be careful. Fires that are caused by smoke are still more common than most other fires. Smoking is one of the top five leading causes for fires that occur in commercial buildings.

Intentionally Started Fires

An intentional fire is one that is caused by someone on purpose. A person purposefully mishandles a heat source to generate a fire. Arson falls in this category. However, if it is thought to be arson, the person who starts the fire would need to have some sort of criminal and malicious intention to motivate them.


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