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Fire Protection Options for Schools

Fire Protection Options for Schools

Here are some of the fire protection measures you can take to maximize your school’s defenses against fires.

The school year is drawing near and, depending on how the current pandemic is affecting us down the road, we could see schools proposing the idea of reopening. When schools open, fire protection becomes an essential part of student and staff safety. Having the best fire protection procedures and systems in place can be the difference between whether or not people make it out of the area safely. Here are some of the fire protection measures you can take to maximize your school’s defenses against fires.

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are a staple in any commercial building, especially schools. When you have sprinklers around your school, you can tame fires before they escalate too much. Fires won’t have the time to spread to different parts of the building, minimizing how many people have to be put at risk in the event of an emergency.

Fire Suppression

For areas that have special hazard potential, such as in schools, fire suppression systems can come in handy. For school cafeterias that put out a great deal of food, it can be helpful to install a kitchen hood. Many schools also have labs in them, and they work with chemicals that can sometimes be dangerous. Labs need fire suppression systems in place so that they can properly address fires.

Fire Alarms

Before anyone can react to a fire, they first have to know that a fire is present. Fire alarms play a pivotal role in alerting the students and faculty of whenever a fire arises. This gives people as much time as possible to recognize that a fire exists and respond accordingly.

Fire Extinguishers

In any commercial setting, you want the ability to do more than simply alert people of a fire or flee from one. Part of proper fire protection is having the ability to combat a fire if necessary. This is when it’s handy to have fire extinguishers around your building. Fire extinguishers can be used before fires get out of control. With these tools available, it empowers your school staff by letting them fight fires before any professional firefighter has time to get to the school. When dealing with fires, every second counts, so the less time you spend being helpless, the better.


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