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Knowing When Your Smoke Detectors Need Replacing

Knowing When Your Smoke Detectors Need Replacing

You can tell if smoke detectors need replacing by taking these precautions.

All smoke detectors have a life expectancy, and you’ll know when that expectancy is near because you will hear a high-pitched tone that indicates when the battery is low. When you hear this, it’s a sign that your detector is in need of a new set of batteries.

However, some people forget that the smoke detectors themselves have to be replaced after some time. They should be replaced roughly every decade from the date that they are manufactured. The difference between replacing the smoke detector and the batteries is that there is no noise to indicate when the detector needs to go. Fortunately, you can tell if smoke detectors need replacing by taking these precautions.

Check the Date

Rather than wait for the auditory reminder, you can take it upon yourself to check the date that the smoke detector was manufactured. To find out the date, remove the detector from where it’s installed. The date should be found on the back of the detector. If the detector is under ten years of age, you can put it back where it was installed. Otherwise, don’t put it back up, and instead, get a new one.

Test the Batteries on Your Smoke Detectors

It’s recommended by FEMA that smoke detectors have their batteries tested monthly. You’ll find a test button on your smoke detector. Simply press this button, and you should hear the alarm sound off. If you don’t, this is a sign that your smoke detector needs to be replaced.

Where to Install Your Smoke Detectors

Having functional smoke detectors around your building significantly lowers your chances of succumbing to a fire in the event of an emergency. However, you have to install them in the right places so that you can hear them from anywhere.

As a general rule of thumb, installing one in each bedroom of your building is recommended. You also want one on each level of the building, making sure one is outside of each sleeping area. Larger homes generally need more smoke detectors to cover the extra space. Lastly, make sure your smoke detectors are interconnected. This way, when one detector goes off, everyone in the building knows there’s a problem.


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