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Why Fire Alarms Are a Necessity

Why Fire Alarms Are a Necessity

If you don’t already have fire alarms installed inside your business, here are some reasons they are a vital necessity to the building.

The installation of a fire alarm is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your business. It can be the difference between whether or not lives are lost in the event of a fire emergency. Thousands of lives are lost to non-residential fires, and a fire alarm can be the key to preserving the lives of many people. If you don’t already have fire alarms installed inside your business, here are some reasons they are a vital necessity to the building.

Fire Alarms Protect People’s Lives

Likely the most obvious benefit to fire alarms is that they keep people safer. When you have smoke and heat detectors scattered across your property, you’ll be notified of any fire-related threats to anyone in the building. This gives people sufficient time to evacuate the building and get professional help to contain and put out the fire.

Fire Alarms Lower the Amount of Property Loss You Have

While fire alarms aren’t the devices that put out fires, they help by notifying the people who do put them out. Fire control procedures involve having either bystanders, employees, or guests contact a fire department. Meanwhile, trained personnel will attack the fire while it’s small and try to keep it contained using a fire extinguisher. The role that fire alarms serve is that they let emergency responders know about the fire so that they can bring over the necessary staff and equipment to address the problem. The sooner that these responses occur, the earlier the fire will get addressed, resulting in less damage to your business.

You Will Need Less Recovery Time

When fires get addressed earlier, less damage comes to the structure. Fire alarms help get fires under control more quickly and minimize the damage your business sustains before you can get help from emergency responders. Because you need less time to recover from damages, your business can get back to normal sooner.

Fire Alarms Help You Qualify For Insurance Discounts and Keep You Code-Compliant

Many insurance carriers will provide discounted rates on premiums if you have a fire alarm system that is code-compliant. Some providers won’t even insure your business until you have an alarm that abides by all of the necessary regulations.


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